Human Neuropeptide Y Elisa Kit


Microscopy is considered the gold standard for malaria diagnosis, although its wide application is limited by the need for highly experienced microscopists. PCR and serological tests provide efficient diagnostic performance and have been applied for malaria diagnosis and research. The aim of this study was to investigate the diagnostic performance of nested PCR and a newly developed Kits-PCR-y-ELISA based rapid diagnostic test (RDT), the NovaLisa test kit, for the diagnosis of malaria infection, using the microscopic method as the gold standard. The performance of nested PCR as a malaria diagnostic tool is excellent with respect to its high precision, sensitivity, specificity, and ability to discriminate Plasmodium species.

The sensitivity and specificity of the nested PCR compared to the microscopic method for the detection of Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum/P. viva mixta were 71.4 vs. 100%, 100 vs. 98.7%, and 100 vs. 95.0%, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA-based NovaLisa test kit compared to the microscopic method for detection of the genus Plasmodium were 89.0% vs. 91.6%, respectively. The NovaLisa test kit provided comparable diagnostic performance. Its relatively low cost, simplicity, and speed allow for large-scale field application.


Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, nested PCR, ELISA-based NovaLisa test kit


Clínica Marazuela has the three types of tests that detect COVID19 available on the market, and they are already available to everyone in our facilities. For several weeks, the Clinic has made “a great effort to obtain a high number of tests”, managing to make them available to all citizens, a fundamental tool in all countries to stop the pandemic, it is now possible to carry out screening tests in Talavera.

  • To contract the service of any COVID19 test, it is only necessary to have a medical prescription. It can be requested at your usual health centre, or by any private doctor.

Serological Tests For The Detection Of Antibodies

Also known today as “rapid tests”, they are 95% reliable. Have the result the same day. The biggest advantage of these tests is that they are capable of detecting three types of status, which are:

  • You have already passed the disease and have antibodies.
  • The disease is passing asymptomatically.
  • You have not been in contact with the virus or your body has not created antibodies against it.

This test is quite affordable and at Clínica Marazuela they have prices adapted for groups, companies, organizations, etc.

Study Of Molecular Genetics PCR

PCR tests have reliability close to 100%. Disposing of in a time of 48 hours of the result.

  • The presence of the virus is NOT detected.
  • If the presence of the virus is detected, therefore, it can present symptoms of the disease and infect other individuals.

This test, together with the detection of antibodies, provides more information, allowing us to confirm the patient’s condition at the time of determination. At Clínica Marazuela we have prices adapted for groups, companies, organizations, etc.


This laboratory method is used to detect antibodies in the blood when an immune reaction to the disease has already occurred in the patient’s body. This test is done by drawing blood from a vein on the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand. It is then sent to a laboratory for analysis. Before the appearance of COVID-19, it was already used routinely to detect HIV, early-stage cancer and hepatitis B, among other ailments.

The Madrid College of Physicians recently recommended that ELISA and PCR tests be the two fundamental methods to locate and control those positive for coronavirus. The latter for the detection of the disease in its initial phases inactive cases and ELISA tests when the patient no longer has symptoms, with the aim of detecting or ruling out the presence of antibodies against COVID-19.